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Slots and Games

Online bingo sites don’t just focus their attention on bingo; they often feature a range of different games. These additional games help to give a more varied and fun gaming experience. Slots are particularly popular and can be pretty addictive due to the fast gameplay and large choice of themes available.


Different types of slots available

There are actually quite a lot of different types of slot games available. Classic slots can be found on most online bingo sites, and you will also often find they are included in bingo chat games.


There comes a time in every bingo room where there is a break between play. You can use that time to play the built in classic side slot games. Bingo slots are easy and fun to play and some offer up to 60 different paying lines.


Video slots are another popular type available. They incorporate a more interactive theme. The graphics are also fantastic, depending upon which software company the sites use. They tend to provide a more immersive experience.


Progressive slots are ideal for those who want to take their excitement levels up a notch. They feature much larger jackpots and the jackpots increase every time players make a bet. The largest jackpot seen online through progressive slot games is £5 million. As you can see, that’s life changing money.


TV slot games are another option. They have recently come onto the market, each designed with a specific TV show in mind. Dark Knight, Deal or No Deal and Blockbusters are just some of the TV themed slots you will come across.


Whichever type you choose, they are all easy to get to grips with. They are easy to launch, play and win so it would definitely be worth checking them out.


Other games available

If bingo and slots aren’t enough, you can also often play scratchcards, casino games and instant games.


Scratchcards tend to be one of the easiest games available. They are easier to scratch than offline cards and can be very fun to play in between bingo games.


Many bingo sites like to provide a good range of casino games. These typically include Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. Some have more unique casino games available so it’s always worth comparing different sites to see which offers the best selection.


Leading online bingo sites will provide live casino games too. These include a live dealer and provide a much more interactive and exciting experience.


Instant win games have fun, colourful themes and they are quick and simple to play. Just like scratchcards and slots, they provide fast gameplay and the potential to earn a little extra easy money.


Bingo sites do provide an excellent range of different games. So when looking for a new site, take a look at the different categories of games they have on offer. Slot games can be a lot of fun and they can have really large jackpots too.

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