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Aktia is a payment method that’s available for people in Finland to use. It can be used to make a range of online payments and can be used to fund online bingo and casino accounts.

How does Akita work?

Because Aktia works through your bank account, whenever you make a transaction, you’ll be redirected to your bank page, where you’ll then be required to enter your banking details in order for the transaction to be processed. It usually takes one or two working days for transfers to be carried out.


This payment method is provided by Aktia Bank, which is a Finnish bank owned by a number of organisations and private individuals. This bank has more than 430 branches throughout Finland and more than 350,000 regular customers; account holders can withdraw money from more than 1,700 ATMs throughout the country.


There are a dozen payment methods that are compatible with Aktia, including KingPay, Xsolla and Payzoff; Aktia is a popular payment method because it’s reliable and very secure.



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