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Cookie Policy

A Cookie is a very small file that is downloaded from a website onto your computer as you browse. Sometimes Cookies remain stored on your computer and are used again when you revisit a website. Cookies exist to harvest information that is then used to improve elements of the website.


Third party companies often provide Cookies to websites to assist in their data gathering. Google Analytics is a very well known example, and is considered to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy Cookies available. It works by simply recording which pages you visit on a website, and how long you spend browsing on each one. The website provider then has the information needed to tailor its content in a way that reflects visitor browsing habits.


How Cookies are Used


Advertising is crucial to the success of an online business including this website, and Cookies play a vital role in helping website owners create effective marketing strategies. A third party website may be chosen as a promotional platform for an online casino, and Cookies can assist the casino is assessing the path its customers follow to arrive at its site. If analysis of Cookies reveals a significant number of customers responding directly to the advertising on the third party website, then the online casino could respond by providing agreeing some form of bonus or credit arrangement with the third party site.


An option is often found on websites to subscribe to updates, newsletters, fresh content alerts and so on. Cookies facilitate this by helping the website log and remember which visitors have checked, or unchecked boxes in respect of their wish to receive such notifications or not.


The smooth functioning and effectiveness of certain features on some websites may be affected if you make a choice not to accept Cookies from them. Prompts regarding the presence and use of Cookies usually appear on an initial visit to a website, and you are asked if you would like to continue using the site on that understanding. You may choose not to accept them, or even to disable Cookies on your computer altogether, but this may cause a website not to work in the way that it should.


Can I Disable Cookies?


Cookies can easily be disabled on your computer via a simple modification to your browser settings. General advice would be to avoid doing this, however, as blocking Cookies often causes website functionality to falter. Some may not work as well as they can, and for others you may find that access to even the Homepage may be prevented as a result.


Cookies can cause alarm among some people, who worry that their personal data may be sold to other businesses, or who simply feel uncomfortable at the idea of their browsing habits being logged. In truth, Cookies are simply all about improving websites, and making them more streamlined to the needs and wants of their customers. As a new visitor to an online casino you may be welcomed by name, and receive personal recommendations for games to try based on your previous browsing history – both arguably improve your experience of the website, and are made possible by the use of Cookies.


Please contact us if you require further information on our Cookie policy.

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