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LobaNet is a simple way for online players to make secure, safe and instant payments over the internet. Also recognised as Transferencia Bancare Local, LobaNet uses the most up to date and advanced technology to give online casino players in Latin America a protected and stress free way of making payments. The payments are made simply by transferring funds from the player’s local bank account into an online bingo account.


LobaNet can be accessed by players in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay and Venezuela, but is not accessible to those in the United States. LoboNet is however going to become available in other countries for online bingo and casino players to use soon.

How does LobaNet work?

Using LobaNet to make instant deposits to bingo sites is simple and with no registration needed, it couldn’t be easier.


The LobaNet method of payment is linked into the user's bank account. When the player wishes to make a payment to a casino account using LobaNet, all the player needs to do is go to the casino payment page and make sure they choose LobaNet as their transaction option. The bank and their country will then need to be typed in, after which the payment will then be debited from the user’s bank account.


LobaNet is a simple, stress free and quick way to make payments from the user’s bank account to their online casino account.


Why it's beneficial for online casino players to use LobaNet

The main advantage of using LobaNet to make online payments is that there is no charge. LobaNet provides players at bingo sites a free, safe and secure way to make instant payments via the Internet.


Another great asset, which many other online payment services do not offer, is that LobaNet not only lets the player make deposits into an online bingo account, but also allows them to make withdrawals.


Using LobaNet to make payments to a gaming account eliminates the worry of having to use a credit card, thus giving players the added security of knowing that their personal card details will be kept safe.




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