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eKonto is a method of online banking which can be used by those living in the Czech Republic. However, in order to use eKonto, users must hold an active account with the Raiffeisen Bank. Consequently, eKonto is only available as a method of payment in casinos sites that collaborate with the Czech Republic and accept payments from players based in the Czech Republic.

One perk of opening an eKonto account via the Raiffeisen Bank is that users can open a savings account that has extremely competitive interest rates. As Raiffeisen is committed to promoting eKonto, users who regularly use their eKonto account are rewarded by special offers and promotions.


You can only open an account with eKonto by physically going into a branch of the Raiffeisen Bank. In the Czech Republic there is a total of 120 Raiffeisen Bank branches. When using eKonto users have three payment systems to choose from – payment with a debit card, payment via direct banking and shopping on the internet.


A safe and secure payment method

The fact that all payments made by the eKonto payment method are conducted in a safe and secure manner, gives users peace of mind that their money is in safe hands and will not be used fraudulently. All the data entered with eKonto is kept anonymous and no sensitive information such as banking and personal details are shared with any third parties.


Depending on the bingo site a user is a member of, they could be required to pay a fee in order to make a deposit into their online bingo or casino account. Another downside of this payment method is the fact that the majority of eKonto-accepting sites do not enable players to withdraw any funds from their eKonto account. If they want to make withdrawals they must do so via an alternative payment method, which could prove inconvenient for some.

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