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The Todito Cash pre-paid debit card is available to players in Mexico as an option for funding online bingo and casino accounts. There isn’t a great deal of online bingo sites that accept this payment method but you should be able to find one that you’d like to play at.


You must be living in Mexico to use Todito Cash and you’ll also need to have an outlet that sells Todito Cash vouchers close to where you live.

How to use Todito Cash

This payment method accepts cash so vouchers need to be purchased in person, which is why players living outside of Mexico can’t make use of the service. After buying a voucher, you can deposit it into your online bingo account instantly. Todito Cash also offers pre-paid debit cards, which you can re-load with funds, instead of just using them once like vouchers.


After purchasing your Todito Cash debit card or voucher, you’ll need to first find the cashier section of your online casino and input the value of the voucher or card. You’ll then need to enter the voucher or card number and once the transaction is complete you’ll see the funds being transferred instantly into your account.


One of the best advantages of this service is that it’s anonymous as you buy the vouchers in person without needing to reveal who you are. You won’t need to reveal any personal or financial details directly to the bingo operator or to the outlet where you buy the vouchers. You also won’t need to have a debit card, credit card or bank account to make use of this payment method.


This convenient method of depositing is not only useful for keeping your personal details private, but it also allows you to transfer funds instantly without a debit or credit card. Sadly you can’t use Todito Cash to withdraw from your account, but there are lots of other withdrawal options available.

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