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The creators of Extreme Live Gaming set themselves up for some high stakes when they came up with that name; fortunately, however, this casino software platform more than lives up to its title. When the company founder, Darwyn Palenzuela, launched Extreme Live Gaming in 2013, it was with the intention to revolutionise the live play casino industry. Only three years into its existence, this casino platform is already starting to make waves despite still being relatively new and small. It’s good to see that Extreme team are focusing on quality rather than quantity and are steadily building up a library of genuinely impressive live games, which we’ll get into later on.

Extreme Live Gaming Platform

The major break for Extreme Live Gaming came in 2014 when it was discovered by Novomatic (one of the biggest names in the world of online gambling) and taken up as a part of the Novomatic Group. This, of course, changed the face of the company and the games it offers on mobile devices, desktops and tablets. These games include five Roulette tables, three Blackjack tables and two Baccarat tables. Each of these games comes with a synchronised live dealer and stands out for its high quality graphics. All Extreme Live offerings have bright and colourful themes and a big focus of fun.  The software used is very flexible and can be easily adapted to suit several different casino sites.


We mentioned earlier that the founder of Extreme Live Gaming set out to revolutionise the live casino format. One of the ways in which the company achieves this is by creating ‘two ways’ gambling environment. Players don’t just sit back and watch Extreme Live Games unfold. Instead, they are able to interact with the game and the Las Vegas standard dealers. This creates a more lifelike and enjoyable atmosphere, similar to a land based casino environment.





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