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4B Card, also known as Sistema 4B, is a service that is owned by a number of Spanish banks and offers a range of MasterCard and VISA solutions.
If you want to get a VISA card or MasterCard through 4B Card, you’ll have to visit one of the banks in the 4B Card network and speak to an employee to have your account set up after going through a credit check. You should receive your card in a few working days and once it’s been activated, you can then use it at online casinos that accept VISA and MasterCard.

Using 4B Card to deposit at bingo sites

Your card should be accepted at most online bingo sites that accept VISA and MasterCard; the majority of them accept both VISA and MasterCard, so you shouldn’t have problems finding online casinos that accept 4B Card. This system is widely used throughout Europe.


When it comes to making deposits at bingo sites using your 4B card, simply select the ‘credit card’ option, input your details and the money should be transferred to your casino account immediately.
Because 4B is a credit card, you have to enter your card details every time you deposit, which some people don’t feel comfortable doing because of the potential security risks. This payment method can’t be used for making withdrawals from online casinos, so if you’ve used it to make a deposit and wish to make withdrawals, you’ll have to find some other payment method to use; the casino should be able to help you choose a payment method to make withdrawals. Having said that, 4B Card is very convenient to use and it allows you to make quick and easy deposits into your bingo account.

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