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Yggdrasil release Avatars: Gateway Guardians slot

18 Nov 2019 By admin

Check out the latest fantasy themed slot from software develop Yggdrssil Gaming. This is not like your traditional slot as the wheels spins individually in a circle. The RTP is 96.3%


About the slot

Avatars: Gateway Guardians has 3 circular wheels with 6 segments in each wheel, this can be increased to 8 segments per wheel on activation of the free spins

In the background you will see tribal statues situated on a faraway planet. Symbols are blue, pink and green dots and avatar guardians of pink, gold, green and blue, all of which have the higher value. The gold avatar guardian is the most valuable symbol paying out x40 of your wager for lining up 3 of them in any section.


Spinning the reels will cost you from from 10 up to £40 per go and the slot can be played on all devices





There are Hot Spot areas on the wheel where a segment will have a white glow around it, landing a winning combination in the area will trigger the Multiplier Wheel. The multiplier will start at x1 but can increase by x1, x3, x5, x10 and x50 increments, it will keep on increasing up to maximum of x101, but will stop if a hand symbol appears.


Free spins are activated when you land 3 of the free spin symbols, this will reward you with 10 bonus spins and the segments on the wheels will increase to 8.


More Hot Spots will be added depending on how many free spin symbols landed in the Hot Spot when the bonus spins were triggered.


If there no free spins in the area, you will get 2 hot spots, 1 free spin symbol will give you 4 hot spots, 2 free spin symbols will give you 6 hot spots and 3 free spin symbols will give you 8 hot spots.


You can potentially win up to x2,525 of your wager  during any spin, which is quite good.

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