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More Tau Brands Closing as we Say Goodbye to Tickety, Pizazz and Dinky Bingo

01 Aug 2023 By admin

In a recent development in the online bingo world, two well-known brands, Pizazz Bingo and Dinky Bingo, are preparing to cease operations. Both brands are owned by Tau Gaming and have been part of the online bingo landscape for a few years.


The closure of these two brands follows the recent announcement of the closure of another Tau Gaming brand, Tickety Bingo. All three brands are set to close their doors on August 2nd, 2023. The closure of these brands is a significant event in the online bingo industry, as it marks the end of their journey in the online gambling world.


The Journey of Dinky Bingo and Pizazz Bingo


Dinky Bingo was launched in March 2020 and was part of the main Dragonfish Network. Despite its vibrant and colourful design and a mix of bonus offers, the site struggled to make a significant impact in the online bingo world. The site was known for its high wagering requirements, which were later reduced by Broadway Gaming, the new owners of the Dragonfish platform.


Pizazz Bingo, on the other hand, was launched in December 2020. Despite its name suggesting a vibrant and exciting gaming experience, the site failed to live up to expectations. Like Dinky Bingo, Pizazz Bingo also operated on the standard Dragonfish platform and had similar bonus offers and wagering requirements.


The Future of Tau Gaming Brands


The closure of these brands highlights the challenges faced by Tau Gaming in maintaining a viable set-up in the online bingo world. The company’s approach of launching new sites, marketing them to lapsed players from older sites with new welcome offers, and then repeating the process has proven to be unsustainable.


The Impact on the Dragonfish Platform


The closure of these brands also raises questions about the future of the Dragonfish platform. Despite being bought by Broadway Gaming, the platform has struggled to maintain its quality and reputation. The platform has seen a reduction in the number of bingo games it offers, and many of its brands have been closed down.

The closure of Pizazz Bingo and Dinky Bingo marks the end of an era for these brands. However, it also highlights the challenges faced by online bingo brands in maintaining a sustainable and profitable operation in a highly competitive market.

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