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60 In 60! Woman Plans to Visit 60 Bingo Halls Before She’s 60

25 Aug 2021 By Rebecca Robinson


What’s on your bucket list? A world cruise? Seeing the Northern Lights? Skydiving? Well one 59 year-old avid bingo fan has vowed to visit 60 Mecca Bingo halls before she turns 60.


Yvette Price-Mear from Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, is undertaking a UK tour in order to visit 60 Mecca Bingo venues before her 60th birthday. Not only is Yvette a huge bingo fan, but her bingo tour is also in aid of a very good cause as she’s raising money for charity.


Charity Bingo Tour


Yvette is a carer for adults with learning disabilities who come for respite care, and she’s raising money for the Carers Trust, a Pet Bereavements Support group which she founded nearly 30 years go and a local scout group.



She is currently halfway through her bingo tour which she began on 25th June in Glasgow. Her husband Tony has been driving her round the country taking her from bingo hall to bingo hall, usually playing around 3 times per week. So far, Yvette has raised £3,992 in donations and £349 in winnings.


Mecca Bingo’s 60th Birthday


This isn’t the first time she’s undertaken a challenge like this as Yvette previously completed a week-long bingo tour around the Midlands.  She visited 14 Mecca bingo halls in seven days and it was after this that Mecca appealed for ideas in which they too, could celebrate their 60th birthday. Yvette thought it would be great for her and Mecca to both celebrate their 60th birthdays by visiting 60 venues.


Yvette said “I love it, I have two vices, bingo and white chocolate. I try and go once a week. It’s a place as a lady, you can go on your own and it’s a nice atmosphere. However, I do not plan to do any more tours, I think this will be my final one, but it’s been so much fun…. I’ve had some incredible experiences and have met wonderful people along the way. The most we raise in one club was in Stoke-On-Trent where we made £485.54. People have been so generous and we’re really grateful for all the support.”


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