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When looking for new bingo sites, you’ll often come across ones that state they are part of a bingo network. It is something many sites strongly advertise as a benefit for players. However, many people have no idea what it actually means.
So, what is a bingo network and does it improve your overall experience?


What is a bingo network?

Bingo networks are made up of several different sites. It isn’t uncommon to sign up to a bingo site that has an additional five to ten sites on the go. Some networks are bigger than others.
If you’re an avid online bingo player, you’ll often be able to tell straight away which network a site belongs to. This is because although they have a different theme, the layout of the sites are often identical. Each site within a network links back to one company.

Not all bingo sites belong to a network. There are a lot of standalone sites that provide a more unique experience. There are advantages and disadvantages of playing on a network site.

One question you may have is why do companies have 5 to 10 websites instead of having one large site? Well, the answer to this is simple. Having several different sites increases the company’s brand. It is much more likely to attract more players with several sites than it would with just one site.

NetworkNo. Of Sites
15Network5MORE INFO
Bede Gaming0MORE INFO
Best Bingo Network2MORE INFO
Better Bingo Network0MORE INFO
Bingo Entertainment Network0MORE INFO
Bonanza Network0MORE INFO
CyberBingo Network0MORE INFO
Daub Alderney Network3MORE INFO
Dragonfish Network42MORE INFO
Euro Partners0MORE INFO
EveryMatrix0MORE INFO
Excess Bingo Network0MORE INFO
Fun Bingo Network (FBN)0MORE INFO
Functional Games0MORE INFO
Gamesys Network1MORE INFO
GlobalCom / Dragonfish Network4MORE INFO
Gossip Bingo Network1MORE INFO
Ignite Bingo Network8MORE INFO
Income Access Network1MORE INFO
International Bingo Network (IBN)0MORE INFO
Jackpot Factory0MORE INFO
JackpotJoy Network1MORE INFO
Joy Of Bingo Network4MORE INFO
Live Bingo Network9MORE INFO
Lucky Duck Network2MORE INFO
Mobile Casino Network0MORE INFO
Moon Bingo Network2MORE INFO
National Bingo Association0MORE INFO
Playtech Bingoland Network0MORE INFO
Spring Gaming Network0MORE INFO
St Minver Network0MORE INFO
Standalone29MORE INFO
Super Bingo Network (SBN)0MORE INFO
TGN (The Gaming Network)0MORE INFO
The Lucky Duck Network2MORE INFO
Think Bingo Network0MORE INFO
United Bingo Network1MORE INFO
Virtue Fusion Network3MORE INFO
Wheel of Slots Network1MORE INFO
White Hat Gaming0MORE INFO
Winners Bingo Network (WBN)0MORE INFO
World Bingo Network0MORE INFO
Yelling Tone LTD Network0MORE INFO

Advantages and disadvantages of playing on a network

When you sign up with a site on a popular network, you are guaranteed a high quality gaming experience. The larger the network, the more secure you will be. Network bingo sites also provide the chance to win much higher jackpots. As progressive jackpot games are often linked to all sites on the same network, it isn’t uncommon to see jackpots reaching millions of pounds.


While the large jackpots are definitely a huge attraction, what you need to remember is there will be a lot more players competing to win.

Therefore your chances of winning are dramatically reduced. For many players this makes the game more exciting.

If you do win it makes you feel particularly lucky and the high that you experience will also last a lot longer.


The unoriginality of network sites is one thing that bugs a lot of players.
If you’ve been playing online bingo for many years, you’re likely going to look for something a bit different.

Network sites that lack originality can be boring for more experienced players.


How to tell if a site is connected to a network

Usually a site will state whether or not they belong to a network. Find the ‘About Us’ section of the site if it doesn’t mention it on the homepage.
Another easy way to spot a network bingo site is to look at the promotions on offer.

Very few network sites have their own unique promotions.


You’ll particularly notice that network sites also tend to offer the exact same bonus amounts.
Overall, bingo networks are common and they do provide several advantages. However, before you sign up to one it’s a good idea to be aware of the potential disadvantages too.

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