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Easter Bingo Review

When any season, event, trend, big movie, or anything else that can be capitalised upon comes around, then the 888-Dragonfish generic bingo site generator pings into action, and pushes out another product that is exactly the same in every possible way apart from the way it looks.

At this point it is nothing short of impossible to get in any way excited about yet another one of these sites, because there is absolutely nothing new. What’s available at the site is impressive enough, but that was true what feels like thousands of sites ago when the first few hit the scene.

So when it comes to Easter Bingo, much of the opinion you will have of it will already have been generated if you are somebody who has been playing online bingo for any length of time.

But for those lucky newbies for whom Easter Bingo may appear like a fresh and new site, here is what you can expect.

Design and theme

The design here is nice enough, I guess. Pastel colours, a few Easter egg shaped bingo balls knocking around, one of which is being painted by a rabbit, which pretty much covers the Easter theme, or at least it better, because it’s literally all you are getting.

The problem with picking a seasonal or festive theme, is that it is only relevant for a limited amount of time every year. I mean, sure, Easter weekend is a good time to exchange in some online bingo play while you have the time off, which is why a large amount of bingo sites offer deals and promotions over Easter.

But by basing an entire site around the concept of Easter, all you do is become entirely irrelevant as soon as that same weekend finishes, and it’ll be a year until your site matches up with the tone.

It’s more understandable with Christmas, there are people who wish every day was Christmas, the members of Wizzard to name a few. But there has never been, and I would wager never will be, a song called ‘I Wish It Could be Easter Every Day’, and for good reason, nobody thinks of Easter until Easter comes back round, which makes the theme of this site completely nonsensical.


Again, what you’ll find at Easter Bingo is the same as all of its sister sites, but for those who are not aware, you will find 75 ball, 90 ball, and pattern bingo and a lot of different rooms to play in, with wagering amounts to suit everybody’s taste. Progressive jackpot games give the opportunity for some big wins as well, which is nice.

If you are a slots fan, or you are looking for something to do during breaks from bingo play, then there is a fair amount of choice from you here. many of the popular titles are available, including Rainbow Riches, Fluffy Favourites, and Starburst. Progressive jackpot slots like Millionaire Genie are also here.

And there you have it, a completely acceptable site, maybe even a good one, if it wasn’t the clone of so many sites that came before. It is a surprise that 888-Dragonfish are still pushing this factory line of bingo sites out, one can only assume that they are still finding a certain level of popularity but it is difficult to understand why.

Easter Bingo is a site that it is very hard to care about, the only real emotions one feels when visiting this site is at worst frustration, and at best indifference. Like Easter itself, after the long weekend is over, Easter Bingo is immediately forgotten about. 


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