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What Does the Future Hold for Bucky Bingo?

25 Sep 2023 By Zena Grantham

Bucky Bingo, a renowned name in the world of online bingo, is on the brink of a significant transition. The brand, which has been under the Betfred umbrella for over a decade, is set to change hands by the end of October 2023. The identity of the new owner remains undisclosed, leaving many in the industry curious about the brand’s future direction.


Bucky Bingo, formerly known as Buckingham Bingo, which was a popular bingo hall group. However, with the closure of their last bingo hall in 2010, the brand underwent a transformation. In 2011, under Betfred’s ownership, Bucky Bingo was reborn on the Virtue Fusion platform. The brand, along with its sister site BOGOF Bingo, made a mark with exclusive promotions and even ventured into TV advertising. In a surprising move in 2020, Bucky Bingo transitioned from Virtue Fusion to the Dragonfish network.


What Does the Future Hold for Bucky Bingo?

The Dragonfish Era


Bucky Bingo’s stint on the Dragonfish network, now managed by Broadway Gaming, has been relatively quiet. The brand has seen minimal innovations, with only occasional updates to its welcome offers. This period has also been marked by a noticeable decline in the quality of bingo offerings on the Dragonfish platform, with reduced jackpots, fewer free bingo rooms, and limited promotions.


Mounting Speculation


Betfred’s decision to sell Bucky Bingo has sparked major speculation within the industry. Some believe the brand’s value lies in its player base, which might have attracted potential buyers. Others think that Bucky Bingo might collaborate with other brands, which have seen their glory days fade away. The lack of communication with players on the platform changes suggests Bucky might remain on its current platform but under new management. However, if the brand does shift to a new platform, it would face the challenge of re-establishing itself in a competitive market.

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