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Mecca Bingo Fans Saddened as More Bingo Clubs set to Close

20 Jul 2022 By Zena Grantham

Mecca Bingo is one of the UK’s most popular bingo brands, however, the land-based and online operator has announced the closure of another three bingo clubs in Halifax, Bridgewater, Somerset, and Plymouth, Devon.


After a shock announcement last week, Halifax bingo fans were saddened to hear Mecca Bingo the only remaining bingo venue in the town was to close.


Three Clubs to Close


Shortly after the shock announcement of the Halifax club closure (14th August 2022) Mecca Bingo delivered the news of another two clubs’ closure, Mecca Bingo in Bridgewater, Somerset, and Mecca Bingo in Plymouth, Devon although the finalities of the closures are yet to be released.


The future of Mecca Bingo in Andover, Hampshire looks highly uncertain as the site has been sold.


Mecca Bingo Fans Saddened as More Bingo Clubs set to Close


Closures Caused by Pandemic


Mecca responded to the closure citing the Covid pandemic had caused a turbulent few years for bingo clubs along with entertainment and hospitality venues.


In terms of the Bridgewater and Devonport clubs, the closure date is yet to be announced but it’s looking likely both will close in the Summer.


The Bridgewater club has been running for 48 years and although no reason has been given it’s likely to be the same as Halifax.


After the smoking ban was introduced, footfall and profits fell significantly then Covid hit and venues had to close their doors for almost a year, regular land-based bingo players gravitated to playing online and continued to do so even after clubs in the UK were able to open to the public.


Mecca Bingo rivals Buzz Bingo closed 26 of its Bingo halls in 2020, and it’s looking likely Mecca is following suit.

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