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Getting help for gambling addiction

28 Jan 2015 By admin

Bingo gambling addiction help

Though most people use gaming sites to play a few games and hopefully win a nice prize, for a small number of people gambling can become addictive. It’s important, of course, that the people who do become addicted to gambling are able to get the help they need to overcome their addiction.

Bingo gambling addiction

Some players find online gaming too compelling. They become determined to win and thrive on the excitement they get from playing the games. It doesn’t really help that, thanks to the Internet, people can play games on computers and laptops, as well as on the go on their tablets and phones.

More women are becoming addicted

Games are everywhere and this means that more women are becoming addicted. Previously it used to be mainly men who would become addicted as they would head to the local bookies to get their latest gambling fix – women didn’t tend to go to the bookies, so for them it wasn’t so much of a problem. But now, thanks to these games being everywhere, men and women alike are becoming addicted. Gambling on the Internet can be a solitary pastime, so many people develop their problem without others realising it.

Be aware of the dangers

In an ideal world, there would be more warnings about gambling addiction. People everywhere should be aware of how easy it is to get addicted and how to recognise the signs of addiction in someone they know. They should also know what to do to help someone with gambling addiction.

Bingo isn’t the only form of gambling that people are becoming addicted to. People can easily become addicted to all sorts of online games that involve gambling money. A huge part of the problem is that there are adverts for bingo sites everywhere these days and, of course, these adverts portray gambling in a good light; they show people enjoying themselves and don’t show the consequences of gambling addiction.

Online bingo is a friendly place but it also costs money

Bingo sites are very well regulated, though of course when you’re on a bingo site, you’re encouraged to spend money. There are loads of games beckoning you and you’ll even have chat moderators tempting you with tickets. On top of that there are bonuses and promotions – it’s easy to understand how people can spend so much time on these sites when there’s so much going on. Some people go on these sites to get away from their real-world problems, while others genuinely believe they can win a life-changing amount of money. There are all sorts of reasons why people choose to spend time on these sites, but one of the main problems is that there is so much keeping these people on the sites.

Gambling and alcohol

One of the scariest things about gambling addiction is its strong link with alcohol abuse. Shockingly, the number of gambling addicts attempting suicide and becoming clinically depressed is twice the national average. People who find themselves addicted to gambling are also more likely to be involved with crimes such as theft and fraud – as a result, they’re more likely to end up in prison. The most extreme cases of gambling addiction are in fact treated the same way as cases of substance abuse issues.

Gaming sites can be a lot of fun and, if luck’s on your side, you can win some nice prizes. However, there’s a small chance you or someone you know could become addicted and if the addiction doesn’t get treated, it can easily spiral out of control. Most bingo sites have information about which organisations to contact in order to combat gambling addiction.

Can you answer the following?

When you’re away from bingo sites, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Have other people criticised how much time I spend gambling?
  2. Have I ever lied about how much time and money I’m spending on gaming sites?
  3. Have I lost interest in people around me because of gaming sites?
  4. Have I lost a game then tried to get my money back as quickly as possible?
  5. Do I usually gamble on my own for a long time?
  6. Do I gamble until I’ve got no money left in my bank account?
  7. Have I ever lied, borrowed or stolen to get money to gamble with or pay gambling debts?
  8. Have I ever felt depressed or suicidal because of my gambling?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to two or more of these, you should probably get in touch with a gambling organisation such as Gamcare. This particular organisation offers advice, support and information for people suffering from gambling addiction. The site has a map showing you the location of your nearest Gamcare advisor and meetings can be held face-to-face, online or even through Skype.

Ensure you’re playing bingo safely

You might not have a gambling problem, but you should still make sure you’re playing safely by following these easy tips:

Set time and money limits – if you’ve lost money, it’s lost. Don’t waste time trying to win it back.

Never play if you’re intoxicated - alcohol affects judgement. Don’t make decisions involving gambling money when you’re drunk.

If you do start developing a problem – deal with it sooner rather than later. Lower how much you can deposit at any one time and think about removing yourself from sites you find addictive.


The bingo truth

Bingo is all about having fun and enjoying yourself. Sure, you might win, but the odds aren’t in your favour. Don’t obsess over winning, because it won’t always happen and it isn’t worth getting gambling addiction over.

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